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Allied Leisure Group offer innovative approaches in a variety of Leisure Related Services internationally including Starting up, Operating, Consultancy and Product Placement.

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FW Urban Gym

A fitness club embracing an urban theme in a unique environment.

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Allied Leisure Solutions

A unique formula for design, fit-out and leisure management expertise focused on enhancing the profitability of your business.

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Intelligent training for guaranteed results.

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Our Innovations

The Urban Gym

Urban Gym concept is a unique turnkey fitness solution which includes a container, o/s training rig & surface & equipment.

Installed delivered installed for under 60k (inc Total business solution ) an offering for a start up fitness solution bespoke this could inc OCR , Kids Academy.

Physical Literacy and Athletic Development

A Software Solution Testing Tracking & Improving Agility, Balance & Co-Ordination through Fundamental Movement Skills.

Intelligent Fitness Solutions

The latest Innovative Digital Solutions to launch your facility into the 21st Century.


Whole Body Cryotherapy is the latest innovation in Health & Wellbeing delivering a range of benefits from increased athletic performance, recovery to better sleep, proven weight loss & anti-ageing benefits. Customised by PolarFit® Care offering the safest solution & powered by Air Products using the latest scientific knowledge & expertise.